Climate Change Awareness


I originally hail from the east coast, the fine state of Maryland, where most winter storms blow out of the north east, off the mighty Atlantic.  When we set out to site our future homestead cabin our east coast memories cunningly overshadowed our knowledge and awareness of this wild region we had chosen to call home It seemed only logical to us to build facing southwest, and heck, why not add a little screen porch, just like they have back home! To make matters even more interesting, we built “Ma Pa”, as we have endearingly named our tiny cabin, on a ridge top, about the only level spot on these forty acres of paradise. It took a total of one winter storm, barreling out of the south west with gale force winds, for us to see our folly.  Different ocean, different climate, (actually, dozens of different micro-climates). DUH! We spent a lot of sleepless nights that first winter wondering if we would soon be landing in Oz, which, to be honest, was quite thrilling! Sad to say that nostalgic screen porch did not last the winter! Happy to say, however, that the cabin itself stood solid, built with salvaged clear heart redwood, (true two by fours), it is a thing of strong simple beauty. The screen porch morphed into a quasi green house/mudroom, it leaks when the rains lash sideways, and driven by the power of the Pacific, (passive my ass), lashing is the norm, but it still serves.  Lesson learned; know your climate change!


2 thoughts on “Climate Change Awareness

  1. Nice, descriptive post. I can seen how the coastal orientations could deceive. And doesn’t nature teach quickly. I also enjoyed your rejoinder to WordPress telling you your writing was passive. It made me laugh.


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