Ode To Spring


Spring glorious spring. While spring itself may not technically be an “off grid livin’” topic, all things being connected, and all things are connected, it is now. And, besides, I simply cannot help myself. This season has captivated and enthralled me, each and every moment of it. From the wild and wooly rain storms, (rain, oh how I love thee), to mild mornings filled with lemony light and balmy breezes. It is as if Ms. Nature has donned her finest and is dancing a fandango. She catches the eye with wildflowers on every spin. Splashes of purple lupine, cascades of golden poppies,


carpets of pink clover, red columbine winking from shady corners, and blue-eyed grass waving in the wind, flowers of a seemingly endless variety, of all colors shapes and texture. Bees and butterflies abound, birds sing and soar, more new life than we have seen in years. And the green: translucent new leaf green in oaks and maples, the rich velvety green of mossy ravines, sweeps of vibrant lush grass- green on the hillsides, delicate pale green fern colonies. The earth is fecund and luscious and full of promise. It feels so right. I want to dance a fandango myself!  I feel a wee anxious as this season draws to it’s inevitable close, I do not want it to end. But end it must as summer pushes for her turn on the dance floor.

I am filled with gratitude to live in our beautiful world. I am also filled with a renewed sense of commitment to do my part to preserve this beauty, for myself and for generations to come.






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