To say I would like to change the world is absolutely cliché and absolutely true. It started with a desire to change for the better a forty-acre parcel of land in the coastal hills of Sonoma County. By scrimping and saving my wife and I were  fortunate enough to become stewards of this acreage in 1997.  We fell deeply in love with the land and with little money but a lot of passion and energy we embraced a modern homesteading life. The land had been logged, grazed and burned over the years and we made it our mission to set about restoring the natural landscape as much as was in our power. We spent many a wet winter day planting hundreds and hundreds of redwood seedlings and opening the dense regrowth tan oak forest. We have had success eradicating non-native invasive species such as star thistle, French broom and Harding grass. We employed the permaculture techniques of swales and mulching to prevent erosion in an effort to restore a once thriving salmon run. We read book after book on forestry, permaculture, sustainable farming, to name a few. Our home is built with reclaimed materials: found, bartered, rescued (can you say dumpster diver?) or purchased used.


We came to realize after years of working with this piece of paradise that “our” forty- acres was not enough. We needed to look to the larger landscape to really have an impact. We became  active volunteers in our community, joining work groups and non-profits such as Coast Ridge Community Forest and the Forestry Working Group. We applied for and received grants from CFIP and NCRP and organized and managed restoration projects in our greater community. I realize this reads more like a resume than a bio but the things we do are who and what we are. Hopefully, as you follow along with this blog more will be revealed.